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Why compromise between creating a vibrant mood, convenience, and caring for nature?
With the unique eco-conscious materials and concepts in the Duni collection you never have to.

Our Successes

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Plastic Free Packaging

Used either as a foil or box window, this specially-engineered, translucent paper packaging material can be recycled as paper or cardboard after use. Fossil free from fully renewable resources, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint. Currently available on our Dunicel® placemats, Duniletto® slim and Dunisoft® 40x40cm napkins with plans to roll this out further into our range.

Paper Wrapped Napkins

We've introduced pioneering recyclable paper packaging on all our custom print napkins to reduce plastic usage and lower our carbon footprint. With keen attention to detail, we've also found a way to lower the amount of glue we use to seal our custom napkins.

Compostable Unicolour Napkins

Our range of compostable unicolour - the most extensive available on the market - is the natural choice if you want to create a colourful mood and still care for the environment. They contain no harmful chemicals, biodegrade a few weeks after composting and may be sorted with food waste where applicable.

Bye Single-Use Plastic!

Made from 100% renewable material, our wooden cutlery is a great way to switch from single-use plastic and contribute to a healthier planet. Our waxed cutlery is coated with wax extracted from Carnauba leaves in a way that does not harm the trees. Widely used as a food additive, Carnauba wax is vegan-friendly and leaves no unpleasant taste or smell. Certified by FSC®

Steam Drying

The steam we use to dry napkins at our production facility in Skåpafors is produced in our bio-boiler, which burns renewable resources such as forestry waste. This greatly reduces our emissions of greenhouse gases, and makes use of materials which would otherwise be discarded.

Certifications That Inspire Confidence

Looking To The Future
As champions of sustainable #goodfoodmood, we're determined to continue to play our part by investing heavily
in sustainable alternatives and introducing new plastic-free products to the market to offer professionals and consumers alike a wider choice in everyday life.
Never before has the motivation to create a sustainable future for the planet, our coming generations and ourselves been as high as it is now.

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