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This is us

Duni Group is one of the leading creators of sustainable and innovative concepts for the set table and take-away. We offer high-quality and environmentally-sound products, such as napkins, table covers, and candles, along with packaging and packaging systems for take-away. Duni Group is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm.

With a purpose driven organization and passionate colleagues, we strive to lead our industry towards a world where we give more than we take to enable all people to enjoy good food, well-being and togetherness - today and for generations to come.  

Duni Group in the world

Duni Group has around 2,300 employees in 24 countries. The headquarters are situated in Malmö, Sweden, and production units are located in Sweden, Germany, Poland, Thailand and New Zealand.

The Duni Group family is growing, supported by acquisitions. We have subsidiaries in many countries. Learn more below:

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Rexcell Tissue & Airlaid1/7

Rexcell plays an important role in the Group's airlaid and tissue-based material offering. Expertise in materials and production know-how lies behind the company’s market-leading position. All Rexcell’s production is exclusively for Duni Group.


EFF – Financial Services2/7

European Finance Function – ‘Your Partner in Financial Outsourcing’ - specialises in finance and accounting. The company’s experienced personnel can take care of everything from daily and legal accounting to handling the entire outsourcing process. EFF offers mid-sized companies the same benefits that previously only were available to large corporations. In doing so, it makes start-up easier, and reduces costs and risks.


Duni Song Seng3/7

Song Seng Associates Pte Ltd was established in 1984. The company is a one-stop-shop for many food establishments in Singapore. It counts restaurants, coffee chains, fast food chains, hospitals, hotels, cinemas and airlines as its customers. Duni Song Seng is known for supplying quality and resourcefulness in developing products to precise specifications.

Duni Song Seng

Sharp Serviettes4/7

Sharp Serviettes is a leading manufacturer and supplier of napkins, hygiene, and food service solutions in New Zealand. Also a Duni Group distributor, the company is a reliable partner to the HORECA and retail sectors in New Zealand, and provides an array of quality products that can be customised to match customer demands.

Sharp Serviettes

Duni (Thailand) Co Ltd5/7

Located close to Bangkok, Terinex Siam’s target markets include Thailand, Singapore and Australia. The company’s offering includes napkins and other disposable packaging products, such as aluminium foil and paper coasters. This complements the Duni Group premium product offering to create favourable conditions for increasing market share.

Duni (Thailand) Co Ltd

Paper + Design6/7

Paper+Design GmbH is committed to consistently developing new, creative ideas - and translating these into products of the highest quality. Qualified employees, state-of-the-art technological equipment, as well as efficient processes in administration, production and logistics have characterised the company since its establishment in 1999. Its headquarters is located in Wolkenstein, Germany.

Paper + Design

BioPak Group7/7

BioPak is a leading supplier of sustainable disposable packaging for the food service industry in Australia and New Zealand. BioPak, located in Sydney, offers the most sustainable, envi-ronmentally conscious packaging products built on fibers, cardboard and bioplastics as well as a quick and efficient delivery process.

BioPak Group